About Us

Our Story

The wellbeing and dignity of the individual is at the heart of what we do. That ethos, along with the conviction that care services should and could be better, drove us to launch Respect Care in 2006.

We have since developed expertise across the care sector. There is a wealth of experience and a wide range of skillsets within our companies.

Axela Innovations, the latest edition to the Axela family, creates intelligent systems that support carers and empower those receiving care.

There will always be new ways to improve the care experience; Axela is committed to seeking them out.

Our Vision

We believe everyone deserves to receive consistently high standards of care, whatever their economic circumstances.

We want to create outstanding partnerships with care receivers and their families, our staff, and the local communities we serve.

We know the UK healthcare sector needs to work collectively to bring about positive change. Axela is proud to support other companies that share our vision.

Our Values

Our values drive the way the work and operate.

We care
We care about our community, its people and those we work with.
We Can Be Trusted
We are open, honest, dependable and act with integrity.
We Value Diversity
We value different perspectives, individuality and treat everyone with respect. We will always strive to ensure that the organisation embraces the richness of all around us.
Continuous improvement
We aim to improve and assist the quality of life for others and will always see those we look after, and work with as an individual.
We Embrace Change & Innovation
We continually ask what we can do better, or differently. We encourage creativity and value ideas. We will celebrate our success and learn from mistakes.
We Work Together
We actively listen, respond, collaborate and share ideas, to achieve the best outcomes possible.