Acts of Kindness from business's in a time of Crisis


Every Thursday evening, we know the drill and we clap our hands for our Health Heroes. As a care home agency, we know the importance of the safety and wellbeing of our front liners.

Upon stumbling upon an article online it was the Kind Snacks feature in which the headline was “Pass on the KINDness” which drew my attention.

KIND Snacks UK are committed to supporting as many organisations who are on the front line and all they asked us to do was to submit a form telling them a bit about us as an organisation.

It was simple to explain that our careworkers are the front liners providing care in the community; between clients some may not have time for a full lunch break so these little snack bars can keep them going in the interim!

A shout out of appreciation to Kind Snacks UK for our speedy delivery today – a little can go a long way!

And appreciation for our care workers who are doing a commendable job each and every day.