We build long-term relationships with the teams we back.

As a growing company, at Axela Ltd we are passionate about investing in other companies that fit with our ethos and meet our long-term objectives.

We partner with ambitious founders and support them as they scale. We help them to build amazing companies. We like to come in early and invest where we believe we can add real value.

We don’t discriminate – if we believe in the idea and we believe that the direction and ethos of the company meets that of our own. we will offer investment.

To date, 50% of the businesses we’ve invested in have had minority owners and 50% of them are run by women.

Looking for investment?

A good business journey often starts with backing. We’re keen to open as many doors as we can and leverage our network. If you are looking for early stage investment, please do get in touch with us.

Our Investments

Luggage shipping specialists

SHERPR is a no-hassle, door-to-door service for shipping your luggage, boxes and sports equipment. We send your items ahead of time allowing you to enjoy your travel experience without the added stress of airports and airlines.

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Easy video calling through the TV

Konnect enables easy video calling through the TV. Kraydel enables Carers to record notes and request access to customer well-being data. Kraydel has been designed to the highest standards of security.

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A community App
Happy Help

Happy help is a collaborative app.

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Care home software made simple
Log my care

The easiest and cheapest way to ditch paper care recording and improve the quality of care in your care home. Log my Care is care home software made simple.

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